Possible strike looms as contract for 10,000 John Deere workers expires at midnight

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About 10,000 John Deere manufacturing worker contracts at a dozen different facilities on both sides of the river will run out Wednesday at midnight.

Workers will need to decide whether or not they will continue working, or go on strike once their contracts run out.

About 10,000 workers at 12 Deere facilities are covered by the current six-year agreement; the agreement expires at midnight September 30, according to John Deere spokesman Ken Golden.  Iowa locations covered by the agreement include the Davenport Works, Des Moines Works, Dubuque Works, Ottumwa Works and four facilities in Waterloo.  Illinois locations covered by the agreement include the harvester Works in East Moline, the Parts Distribution Center in Milan, and the Seeding Group and Cylinder Division in Moline.

The Coffeyville Works in Kansas is also covered by the agreement.  A separate agreement is also being negotiated which covered 110 UAW employees at Deere facilities in Denver and Atlanta.

Both companies are negotiating a new agreement now and are not commenting on contract issues while negotiations are underway. However, Norwood Jewell, who directs the union's Agricultural Implement Department, did release a statement in August from the UAW about the negotiations.

"Starting with today’s handshakes we are committed to work as hard as we can to get an agreement in which our members can be proud of, the company can feel good about and our customers can continue to reap the benefits of UAW-made quality products,”Jewell said.

"In the last year, we have gone through some tough times. But we know from history that these times are cyclical. And we know from history that the key to a good contract is one in which UAW members prosper, John Deere prospers and customers prosper with our products," said UAW President Dennis Williams, back in August.

The current agreement includes a "commitment from Deere that no plants will close during the life of the agreement," according to the UAW.

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