New options for the future of JB Young School

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There's a new option on the table for Davenport's JB Young School. The school district is considering closing it to open it up for business development. But the conversations have been back and forth in the community.

Davenport school board Superintendent Art Tate presented different options Monday night. The decision is whether or not to rezone just elementary students or to rezone them all to make room for office space and new businesses.

The community has mixed feelings.

"I think they should put as many small businesses in there as they possibly could because we need a lot more businesses to get more people to come around this area," says local business owner Rock Eddleman.

While more foot traffic could mean more money for area businesses, it would also bring revenue into the school district's pocket.

But Dana Barton, a parent of a JB Young kindergartner wants the school to stay open.

"He was only going to have to go to two different schools his entire life, and that's stability, and that's important," says Barton.

The community has been given the opportunity to voice their opinions on the matter, and at tonight's public meeting, the seats were almost all filled.

But some say the community moral is down, and people feel defeated.

"It's like the community just throws their hands up on things anymore. It's like they're going to take it away from us, so we might as well just not attend and just forget about it," says former JB Young student Larry Chamberlain.

While the future for JB Young students is uncertain, there's still time to discuss options. There will be a public meeting held on October 12. And a final decision won't be made until at least the end of next month.

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