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You may not believe what this new device is pulling from Davenport’s Duck Creek

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If you've been on the Duck Creek Trail Parkway near Brady street lately, you've probably noticed a large contraption full of garbage floating in the water.

That structure is a 15 to 20-foot long giant litter trap that catches debris floating down the creek's current. It floats on top of the water and rises and falls with the changing water levels. The debris is then removed as often as need be and disposed of.

"The device was installed to help collect materials that can degrade water quality and be harmful to aquatic life.  The device was also strategically placed in a highly visible area to help raise awareness that litter and other material left on ground surfaces is washed to the nearest storm drain and eventually ends up in local waterways during rain events," said Robin Dunn, the Public Works Program Coordinator.

The trap has already caught things like propane tanks, volleyballs, basketballs, and dead animals.

Building the trap was cheaper for the city than buying it. Other litter traps can run upwards of $100,000 whereas the city spent $7,000 on the materials to build it.

The city will remove the giant litter trap in November before the creek freezes.

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  • Sandra

    It’s great that they are finally being more frugal with our tax dollars. My question is does this trap also catch any fish/minnows or birds/ducks/geese? Also have they thought about any liquid pollution that may be getting in the water ways. I wouldn’t want them to put chemicals that they use in our water system, but I am also concerned about poisons that may be getting into the waterways.

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