Why lines at the Illinois license fee office could soon get much longer

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Because of continuing budget problems, Illinois will stop mailing reminders to renew the license plates on your vehicles.

Suspending the reminder service will save about $450,000 per month, according to Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.   They'll  be able to mail renewal stickers, titles and license plates for a few more months before the postage account is depleted, and that will have to stop as well.

Without those reminder notices, you won't have a pin number to renew online, so more people will have to go to a vehicle registration facility to renew and get new registration stickers.  You'll be on your own to be sure you get your registration renewed so you aren't driving on expired vehicle stickers.

"People who have signed up to receive electronic reminder notices will continue to receive them by email. To sign up for this service, please visit http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com," White said.

If his office's postage account runs out before January 2016, White said he will also be unable to mail annual licenses to auto dealers; those dealers are legally required to have those licenses to operate legally.  His office would also be unable to mail "critical incorporation paperwork needed for businesses in Illinois," White said.

White said he recently sent a letter to legislators and Governor Bruce Rauner, letting them know the budget stalemate was also compromising computer maintenance, data security and DMV office operations.

"The lack of a Fiscal Year 2016 budge is adversely impacting the Secretary of State's office, and threatens to jeopardize the services we provide to the public," White said in a statement issued Monday, September 28, 2015.

(W)e are doing what we can to manage so that we may serve the people of Illinois for as long as possible," White said.



  • Matthew Kissell

    lol typical govt scam. Mail letters so people dont forget (1 time a year is pretty hard to remember). Now lets stop mailing reminders. That will equal a whole bunch of new revenue in fines for the people who dont remember (basically everyone).

    Our entire govt is a sham.

    • Chad

      Remembering to take care of that stuff isn’t difficult. If you need a reminder, just set one up on outlook, Google calendar or your smartphone calendar. I know what month mine is due each year, so I just do it. Also, as a CDL & school bus driver, I have medical certification and school bus permits to renew as well.

  • John Randall

    Yes its another scam , They can get more money in fines and lock more people up and add all the court cost into thr little scheme The only ones who dont have to worry about this are the illegals and the 100,000 Syrian refugees that are ready to invade.Even Welfare recipients will be immune, How can a country doing so poorly keep adding on new laws and getting away with it. Oh! You think its Onero again Fleecing the masses of his kingdom.

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