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Moline mother shamed on Facebook for having tattoos

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Jamie Hesler lives in Moline with her young son. They spend most of their mornings playing and watching cartoons.

Jamie's other passion, in addition to her family, are her tattoos.

"I've had tattoos since I was 18," Jamie said. "I started working at a tattoo shop and they didn't pay me, I was a volunteer, so they told me they would give me tattoos for free."

As a result, Jamie's left arm is covered from wrist to shoulder in Pokemon characters, her favorite show.

"I have Pikachu, Caterprie, Poliwag, Bulbasaur, Horsea, Squirtle, Gengar, Gastly, Mew, Nidoqueen, Rattata, Pichu, Ritchie, Torchic, Magikarp, Seaking, Charmander, Growlithe, Jolteon, and Snorlax," Jamie said.

So when Jamie received a message from someone she didn't know on Facebook over the weekend, she was shocked to see it filled with hate and disgust.

Jamie posted a video to her Facebook account reading the message through her own tears. The video has already had over 22,000 views in the last three days.

"'You are presenting a negative influence to the younger generation and should be ashamed of the image you're presenting,'" Jamie read in the video. "'Body art is a gateway to violent and harmful substances and your choice of covering your body in tattoos will not only affect your child's decisions in life, but also young adults who see you.'"

Jamie said the woman who sent her the message advised her to get rid of her body art or cover it up.

"'I highly suggest you take my advice or you will go nowhere in life, and neither will your son,'" said Jamie.

Jamie said she deleted the message and won't reveal who the woman was who sent it. She said she wants to protect the woman's identity so others don't target the woman, as she targeted Jamie.

"My tattoos are all Pokemon characters. They are the most child friendly tattoos I've ever seen. I have a lot of kids come up to me and they're like, 'oh my gosh it's Pokemon, oh it's Picachu.' They think it's so cool," said Jamie.

Jamie said she wants others to see her story and raise awareness on discrimination against people with tattoos.

"No matter what anyone says we are great parents. and a lot of the time, the heavily tattooed people are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet," said Jamie. "Why should we be judged just because we have tattoos? Our body is a temple and we can choose to decorate it. We shouldn't be judged or looked down upon just because we have tattoos."


  • Rudy lm

    I’ve been shamed at work even when mine are covered up. Hang your head high. Body art doesn’t make us bad people. I come from a better off family than half the people that shame me. Heck my own brother is a social worker and pastor and has full sleeve… They don’t define us. And u can’t stereotype all because of some ink. I’m sober I don’t even drink or take any harmful or potentially mood or mind altering substances.. And have a stable job and a nice house… Better life than most :) my ink doesn’t make me it just accents me :)

    • Rudy lm

      That being said I would be much more embarassed to be a grown adult shaming someone I know nothing of solely based on the fact they have ink and not only that but stating it in such a close minded way grouping all people of tattoos together saying untrue biggotry… And telling someone hurtful things about their child… Than to have a couple tattoos ANYDAY. What an idiot! I hope that lady doesn’t breed herself!!

  • Melanie

    WTG!! Totally agree with this! I’m so tired of this bs!! If u want ink, go get it! If u don’t want ink do get it! Simple as that!!! Leave us TATTOOED PEEP ALONE!

  • Sue

    A person’s choice to have body art or piercings (or other body modifications) DOES NOT define them as a good or bad person or parent. It is a method of self expression, no different than a persons choice of hair color or style of clothing. I have several family members and friends who have body art/piercings, and they are all kind, generous, productive members of society, and none are involved with “harmful and violent substances”. This person’s opinion is just that, her opinion, nothing more. Jamie, hold your head high, and do not let this persons negative opinion shame you for your choice of self expression. You, your family and friends know your heart!

  • Wow

    What an idiot, And shame on her for judging someone (and her child) for expressing themselves through body art. Just because her son is probably a heroin junkie with tattoos doesn’t mean everyone else with tattoos is garbage. That’s what’s wrong with people, everybody is so worried about everyone else when they should be worried about themselves.

  • Haleigh

    This is a reason why people EVERYDAY kill themselves. Bullying is not OK.. And to the lady who sent this email to her. You should be ashamed of yourself… You are an “adult” bitching about her parenting skills I’m sure she is an awesome mother and her son can and will grow up to be whatever his little heart desires. At least he will know how to treat others with kindness and dignity at least she isn’t a self righteous bigotbigot/shit talker like you are.

    How would you feel if someone bullied you or your children to such an extent they took their own life?

    Your nothing but an insecure “grown up” bully.

    -a fellow tattooed mothermother, who is PROUD of her body art

  • deb

    I don’t have any tattoos but would never judge someone who has. Please Jamie don’t let one persons opinion get you upset. Obviously she knows nothing about you so her opinion really shouldn’t matter. File this narrow-minded message under G (garbage) and move on. Not worth your time or tears. Hugs kiddo.

    • WendyWhiner

      Amen. Who cares what people think, whether it’s the lady who sent the message to her, people that put themselves out there on Facebook and then cry when someone doesn’t like them, or even me, commenting on some stupid local story? WHO. CARES? People, please: get some self-esteem, live your lives accord to YOU and stop looking to others for approval. Be yourself, for God’s sake.

  • Lisa

    WJaime don’t let other people get u down. I know a lot of people with tatoos and they r th nicest most generous people in th world. The woman who made that comment is probly ignorant of others and self centered. Wunderin if she ever gave of herself as much as us middle class

  • Emily

    Why is this even news? It’s about tattoos. Just ridiculous who cares what others think. Be yourself no matter what. I know I am and no afraid.

  • Mendy Cust

    Don’t let anyone shame you into being anything other than who you are!! If this person can’t take the time to get to know your heart before judging you based on your appearance, then who cares what she thinks?? God Bless You And Your Little Man!!

  • anissa

    For the tattoo lady rock on hun. Im a moline mom and grandma who has tattoos. People who judge need not. U may have something way worse than tattoos to be ashamed of.
    My tats r special and close to my heart. Those who hate on me without knowing I ignore. One person tried until I told her what they ment. So clam up and dont judge

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