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Veterans Choice Act creates a travel burden for local Vet in need of care

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It's a law put into place last year to make healthcare easier for Veterans, by giving them the option to use a doctor outside the VA. While it has done that for some, others say there is a flaw in the system. They say its making Veterans travel long distance just to get care.

Back on August 2nd, 2015, Connie  's son Bill was involved in a hit and run accident. Bill an Iraqi War Veteran has medical insurance through the VA.

Last year the Veteran's Choice Act was passed into law. It gives Veterans the option of using a doctor outside the VA if VA facilities are more than 40 miles away or there's more than a 30 day wait for an appointment. While Connie says the system has improved with this law, she says there's a flaw.

"There is nothing local that the VA provides other than a doctor's office," said Connie.

The law says if a Veteran is using the insurance and within the 40 miles of a VA facility they have to use VA facilities only. Connie's son Bill falls under this rule since he lives close to the VA facility in Bettendorf. However, that also means he has to stay in the VA system for other treatment that's only available in Des Moines.

"That's an eight-hour day just traveling. That's not possible and their not going to pay for my lodging," said Connie.

Connie says the law doesn't make sense to her since there are private hospitals a lot closer. She's asking lawmakers to take a second look at the law.

"They fought for the rights here in the country. They stood in front of us to receive a bullet if necessary. This is not the way to treat them. We need to give them the respect that they deserve and if that's staying local for their medical care then we need to do it," said Connie.



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