Fulton High School raffling yard lines for football season

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High school football games in Fulton, Illinois could make you money this season.

The school is raffling off yard lines for the season. Buy the right one, and you could win hundreds of dollars.

"It's something different but you know if you think about some of the different Super Bowl pools they have out there, that's kind of where the idea has come," said Josh Knuth, Fulton High School Athletic Director.

$20 gets you one yard line, and if the action stops at the end of the first or third quarter on your pick you win $50.

"Parents can get a yard line, any community member can get a yard line. The coaches, we don't let them get involved in it and the players don't get involved in it," Knuth explained.

The promotion is run by the school's athletic boosters and all the money will help the next generation of steamer student athletes. They added new weight room equipment for $30,000 last year and also recently put new floors into both high school gyms. As it stands, there is no limit to the number of yard lines you can buy. And if no one wins on a given quarter, the earning roll over to the next opportunity.

"We have only four home games this year, it could land on the 35 yard line all four home games for the two quarters and you're going to clean up," said Knuth.

The promotion is meant for Fulton residents but it can be bought by anyone, and the winner doesn’t have to be in attendance. Asked about selling to nearby rival Morrison, Knuth says it is a possibility.

"We play them at Morrison this year so it really wouldn't matter but in the future years if we do this, we're hoping by that time the board will already be full with people. So I don't know if there would be any spots left open, but we would sell them if we had open spots," Knuth said.

So far the school has sold 37 yard lines. They play their first home game this Friday night against Spring Valley Hall.

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