The surprising connection between Asian Carp and medical marijuana

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Schafer Fisheries is one of the companies throwing their name into the hat of businesses benefiting off medical marijuana in Illinois.

The company is planning to sell carp-based fertilizer to cultivation centers across the state as a cheap, organic, and locally made product.

"We were excited to have a product that is wholesome, that's organic, that's right out of our rivers, and that's an invasive species," said Brandon Wyatt, the marketing manager for Schafer Fisheries.

After being introduced to the region 15-years ago, Asian Carp have taken over the Mississippi. They overpopulate the waters and threaten the natural food chain.

Schafer Fisheries hopes to help that by harvesting the invasive species and selling their by-products to medical marijuana cultivation centers.

"We finally passed these laws, it's time to capitalize on that," Wyatt said.

To make the fertilizer, workers take all the parts of the fish they wont prepare for food and emulsify them into liquid form. Then they let that liquid ferment for two and a half months before turning it into fertilizer.

"There is no one that is taking a fish emulsion product, in the Unites States for that matter, and specifically targeting the cannabis market," Wyatt said

Dispensaries are set to open this fall. The closest one to the Quad Cities will be in Milan, Illinois.

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