First vigil for Trudy Appleby held since the passing of her mother and grandmother

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As they do every year, family and friends gathered for a vigil in hopes to bring Trudy Appleby home.  But at the 2015 gathering, Trudy's mother and grandmother were not there.

Trudy disappeared from her father's Moline yard back in 1996; she was 11 years old.

The vigil was held on Friday, August 21, 2015 at a church in East Moline.  Her mother, Brenda Gordon was killed in October of 2014 when she was struck by a vehicle.  Trudy's grandmother, Ann Eddleman, passed away in January of 2015, according to her obituary on the Van Hoe Funeral Home website.

At the vigil, Trudy's father Dennis Appleby said in the nearly two decades they've been searching, not much has changed.

"What are you supposed to feel," Dennis said. "I still have the same feelings now as I did 19 years ago today. Haven't much changed since then."