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Quad City NAACP calls for local police to wear body cameras

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The head of the Rock Island County NAACP is calling on local police chiefs to buy body cameras for their officers.

Berlinda Tyler-Jamison is the President of the local chapter, and says she believes cameras are the answer to transparency in local police departments.

"For the public, it certainly documents the encounters with the police officer. It also promotes public safety," she said at a news conference in Rock Island on Thursday.

"We are not anti-law enforcement. We are for good policing," she said.

She said she is lobbying for Senate Bill 1304 to be signed by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner. The bill would provide some state money to help local municipalities buy body cameras.

Pastor Jarrod Parker, with the The Word Church, also advocates re-implementing community policing and establishing better relationships with the black community.

"We need aggressive policing. There's an element in our community that is hell bent on destruction. We need aggressive policing. On the other side, police need to understand every event or interaction is not an aggressive interaction," he said.

The group is waiting for the results of the investigation into a police-involved shooting that ended in the death of Darrin Langford.

Police say Langford was armed. States Attorney John McGehee says he plans on announcing his findings at a news conference the first week of August.


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  • Paul Sobotka

    I’m for body cameras don’t get me wrong. Why is it that the NAACP want police to wear them? Is it for officer safety? Is it on only during interactions, or the whole time the officer is on duty? Is it just “Big Brother” so they can nitpick everything an officer does? Would she be willing to wear one so everything she does is recorded and open to review? I see them as a tool for the police to record interactions and document what the person is doing. We see over and over, people arguing with the police, not wanting to show the Drivers lic.refusing to step out of the car when asked, and somehow people seem to think that it’s okay to do that, and it’s the cops fault . In Illinois you have to have a front plate on your car, police can stop you for that, refusing to give you Lic. is another violation. The officer has to find out who you are. If the person is wanted for murder and the officer just lets him go without knowing who he is and that person kill again, People would be screaming the cop had him, but let him go. if the officer pulls him out of the car and has to fight with him, people say it was just the front plate, he should have let him go. You can’t have it both ways

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