Take a look inside house of Big Mac-eating world record holder

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"I promised myself that no matter how rotten things would get, I would have a Big Mac every day."

That is what the record holder for "Most Big Macs Consumed" said about his lifelong commitment to the McDonald's meal. In a report by Fox 6, Don Gorske, the Big Mac record holder, said he had eaten nearly 28,000 Big Macs. He started eating them in 1972.

Click here to see the Guinness World Record entry for Gorske's feat.

In his house, Gorske has a room devoted to the record. Inside, you'll find photos of him holding the burgers while surpassing Big Mac milestones. Gorske said that he has had a Big Mac at every major league baseball stadium as well as almost every NFL football stadium. Gorske has gotten a Big Mac from every state.

What's more, Gorske's devotion to Big Macs has led him to hang on to every single Big Mac carton he's gotten since 2006.



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