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Viral Video: Woman pleads with beach-goers to stay out of ‘the sharks’ house’

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A concerned woman made a video pleading with people to stay out of the ocean.  Her eccentric cautions came after several shark attacks off the coast of North and South Carolina.

To help drive her point home she referred to the ocean as “the sharks’ house.”

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Amid her passionate plea she said she wants everyone to “be mindful” when they go to the beach.

“When you’re vacationing, you know, you’re going to the beach, do that. Go to the beach. Don’t go to the ocean. Okay? The ocean is the sharks’ house,” she said.

“When animals come in my house, they end up on the plate. They get ate up,” she added.

The video, shared in late June, had more than 6.8 million views by the start of Independence Day weekend.

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