No budget deal in Illinois as midnight deadline approaches

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The Illinois House adjourned Tuesday without a budget deal. The deadline for a deal to be reached is midnight June 30, 2015. If a deal is not reached, the government will shut down.

"We're trying to work together and pass a budget but unfortunately right now it's hard because for the past dozen years we've passed bad budget after bad budget and now it's finally coming to a head and we have to deal with it and it's not easy," said Republican Illinois State Senator Neil Anderson.

Last week, Governor Rauner vetoed much of the budget plan presented to him by Democrats because it was $4 billion out of balance.

"We have continued to negotiate with the Governor's office and unfortunately, as we said, the turnaround agenda is the only thing that he is currently talking about," said Democrat State Representative Mike Smiddy.

Without a budget, several services will lose state funding, including the Community Care Program, the Elderly Nutrition Program which helps Meals on Wheels, Medicaid funding for hospitals and in-home daycares, home healthcare to name a few.

On Tuesday, Governor Rauner issued a memo that state workers should report to work as usual and will get paid. However, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said there is no provision to keep paying state employees without a new budget.

On Tuesday, Illinois Speaker Mike Madigan said he would introduce a plan to fund the government for a month on Wednesday, July 1, 2015. In the past, Governor Rauner said he would oppose such a plan.


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