Storms destroy Menominee-Dunleith fire station, winds clocked over 80 miles per hour

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The Menominee-Dunleith fire station was destroyed during strong storms Monday morning, June 22, 2015.

The roof collapsed on the building, walls and doors were crushed and vehicles inside the fire station were also damaged.   The fire station is in East Dubuque, Illinois.

It was not yet clear whether the damaged vehicles might include a new fire truck the department reported receiving in June 2014.

No injuries were immediately reported.

The National Weather service received reports that large tree limbs and branches were downed by the storm northwest of Alburnett in Linn County, Iowa, and that an oat field was “completely flattened” there.

Law enforcement and trained spotters confirmed wind damage in Jo Daviess, Dubuque, Buchanan, Benton and Delaware Counties.

The Dubuque County Emergency Manager confirmed the roof was blown off a school building in Holy Cross; extensive damage was also reported to agricultural buildings and trees just north of Manchester, Iowa. The high school on the west side of Independence, Iowa reported measuring a sustained wind speed of 93.9 miles per hour as the storm pushed through that area of Buchanan County. Trained spotters reported pieces of homes and roofing scattered by the high winds, and torrential rainfall in the Independence area.



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