Forensics experts testify at #McVayTrial about Carrie Olson’s autopsy

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Photos: Experts testify as autopsy evidence presented at McVay trial

Tim McVay faces a charge of first-degree murder in the disappearance and death of Carrie Olson of Davenport, Iowa.  The sixth consecutive full day of testimony in his trial was set for Monday, June 22, 2015.

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It’s a bench trial in Rock Island County Court with Judge Michael Meersman presiding.

The second week of testimony began with forensics experts testifying about the recovery of Carrie’s body, and the autopsy they performed. While they were able to determine her death was a homicide - later defined as being caused by another person - the exact manner of Carri Olson's death remained undetermined.

Carrie’s parents, best friend, sister and brother-in-law have already testified about how and when they discovered she was missing.  Bank employees testified about some unsuccessful attempts by someone to use Carrie’s debit card to get gas and cash.  A Davenport Police officer has also testified about taking a missing person report from Carrie’s parents.  Investigators from Minnesota testified about their work when Carrie’s body was discovered there.

Quad Cities-area store clerks have also been called as witnesses and surveillance video showing Tim McVay at a tobacco shop and at a gas station was also introduced into evidence.

McVay’s parents have also testified about their interactions with Tim before and after Carrie Olson was reported missing.  Tammy Hegi, the woman with whom Tim McVay traveled to Las Vegas, gave nearly two hours of detailed testimony about her relationship with Tim McVay, their December 2013 travel to Las Vegas, and other conversations she had with him before she broke up with him in March 2013.

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