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Want to see your child as a WeatherKid? Use these tricks!

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Good morning GMQC fans! I am so excited to show you a different child each and every day on Good Morning Quad Cities. But a lot of entries aren't shown on the air for many reasons. We get a lot of blurry and low-resolution photos that will just not work when we manufacture the high definition graphic.


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Here are a few tricks you can use before you upload your child's photo:

1. Make sure the photo is just of the child's face. Since we will be putting their smiling face on a cartoon body, we don't need anything but their face.

2. We don't need hats or sunglasses. If your child wears glasses, that's great. But as far as accessories, we'll put them on in the right cartoon!

3. Make sure the photo is clear and there are as few shadows as possible. Keep in mind, a bright sunny day will cause a lot of shadows on your child's face.

4. I am a sucker for kids with cute expressions. So I will look for those photos first!

5. We look for children in the age range of 3-12 first, as these are the kids who are most likely to enjoy seeing themselves on television. But at times, we will also show babies.

6. I'm also a sucker for pets! It's fine to send in a photo of Rufus or Tigger. Again, the close-up of their face is most important.


And one last thing, I wish I could show WeatherKids on their birthdays, but that's almost impossible to do. I work on these graphics ahead of time so there's no way to get them in queue on the exact time of their birthday. Plus, it wouldn't be fair to the kids who are in waiting. So I apologize for that!

Thanks for having fun with this and being a part of GMQC. I love sharing these kiddos each day! -Eric

Upload your photos right here.

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