Strange light seen on I-74 bridge timelapse during GMQC

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It’s early on a Monday morning so we admit we may be seeing things. And maybe this is just a reflection off of a sign or something. But we aren’t entirely sure this isn’t some sort of alien being. (Okay, that’s a stretch.)

But what do you think of this strange light that moves across the roadway? It’s not the reflection of lights from cars. It’s not from the streetlights above. And the sun is way over to the right. What do you think it is? Chime in on our WQAD Facebook page.


  • WendyWhiner

    That is odd. Whatever it is, it’s slow moving, obviously and large. I’d think an airplane’s lights wouldn’t reflect on a surface that far down. A helicopter wouldn’t fly that close to the bridge, I’m assuming. I’m stumped. Weird!

  • wendywhiner

    Okay. I have a theory. Since the glare moves at the same rate of a glare ‘spot’ in the upper right corner of the frame, probably caused by the sun, I’m thinking the white glare on the road is from the rising sun reflecting off a building, or the bridge, and then reflecting down on to the road.

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