Whitewater Junction to open for summer season

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It's time to break out the swimsuits and sunscreen.

Pool season begins on Saturday, May 23, 2015, when Whitewater Junction officially open for the summer.

Over the past week, maintenance crews have been working to de-winterize the pool. They've been cleaning and sealing it, refilling the pipes with water, checking on the pumps for all of the fountains and slides, making sure the water chemicals are balanced, and heating the pool.

"Our heater is a pretty good capacity, but this makes it work pretty hard. So, we've been keeping an eye on it just to make sure it's still warming up," said Kent Towler, a maintenance supervisor with the Rock Island Parks Department.

Despite a chilly week, workers say the water is already 80 degrees, and they plan to have it up to 84 by Saturday.

“Weather also changes a lot, so we can have a cool week when we’re preparing to open, but it can be a really nice weekend. They hope to get a lot of people out here this weekend, because it is going to warm up compared to what it is right now,” said Towler.

Whitewater Junction will be open Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

A ‘Back to Pool’ splash event is also planned for Monday, June 10, to celebrate the beginning of summer break.

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