Iowa DNR patrolling water ahead of Memorial Day Weekend

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As they get in the water, Iowa DNR Officers Jeff Harrison and Adam Dacke are looking for a few things.

"Some of the basic things we're looking for is compliance. If we've got someone that's driving erratic, operating a boat," said Harrison, "We want to make sure that the kids that are under 13 have life jackets, if we see a boat with a bunch of  people we're gonna pull it over, we're also looking for the alcohol aspect of it, and we're also checking registration as they go by."

Stopping boats, when what they're looking for isn't there. They're also hoping boaters look at their life jackets before getting in the water.

"Make sure the mice didn't get into it, make sure they're not torn or frayed," said Harrison.

They recommend checking ropes, too. And making sure if someone is driving a boat, they have proper training.

"You gotta be able to put it on at trailer, you gotta be able to back the trailer in, you have to be able to do it at the proper speed, you need to know how to trim your motor up before you take your boat of the water you know little things like that."

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