Iowa bird flu cases rising daily

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New York cockfighting bust photo from NY Attorney General's Office

Probable cases of bird flu have been rising daily. Since Wednesday, May 20, 2015, three more sites possibly infected have been added to the list.

As of Friday afternoon, May 22, there were 64 infected sites in Iowa, according to the state department of agriculture. Of those sites, 51 were confirmed in 15 counties.

A site in Pocahontas County was added to the list of cases Friday, and another in Buena Vista County was added on Thursday.  The site in Pocahontas County was a turkey farm with roughly 21,000 birds.  The site in Buena Vista County is a commercial laying farm, with an unknown amount of birds.

Both sites initially tested positive for avian flu.

According to the Iowa Department of Agriculture, a total of 25, 546,026 are confirmed to be infected, with more pending.

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