Former mail carrier hopes his new brewery delivers

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It's a new business that's a first of its kind in Muscatine.

Along the river in Muscatine you'll spot its newest business, Contrary Brewing Co. It's the first brewery for Muscatine. Owners Mark and Robin Mitchell opened it four weeks ago.

"We thought there was a niche that needed filled so here we are,"said Mark.

Robin is a full-time RN while Mark gave up one career for another.

"I actually quit my job. I was a letter carrier in Muscatine for 22 years," said Mark.

However, Mark is no stranger to craft beer. For the past 22 years he's made it at home as a hobby, now he's making it to sell.

"There's a little more pressure if I mess up a batch at home then I can just not drink it, pour it down the drain, here there`s money involved," said Mark.

While customer's like the taste of his beer, they're just excited for the option. Breweries are popping up around the country to fill the demand for craft beer.

"There`s a lot of that are beer snobs I guess, that really appreciate the flavor and the manufacturing part of that and this is perfect," said customer, Dan Drahos.

Right now Mark only brews two batches of beer per day but hopes to expand into a microbrewery and start brewing 10 batches daily.

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