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Sherrard FFA teacher arrested

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An arrest warrant was issued for a Sherrard agriculture teacher and FFA advisor who was accused of verbally and physically abusing students.

Corey Terwilliger, 32, was placed on paid leave from his position at Sherrard High School April 13, 2015, the same day court records showed two emergency orders of protection were issued against him.

The order was issued after the Rock Island County Sheriff's Office opened an investigation into the allegations April 10, 2015.

Students Isabelle Ausdale and Kaysyee Haley said they don’t feel safe after ongoing alleged incidents in school, and out.  The girls said Terwilliger made sexual comments, hugged and kissed them and that he swore at them and made verbal threats.

Corey Terwilliger photo from Sherrard High School website

Corey Terwilliger photo from Sherrard High School website

Terwilliger was charged with two counts of battery and a warrant was issued for his arrest, according to a May 8 statement from Rock Island County Sheriff Gerry Bustos.  Bustos initially reported Terwilliger was not yet in custody; the Warren County Sheriff's Office confirmed he was in their jail in Monmouth as of about 10:30 a.m. May 8.

The warrant indicates his bond was set at $10,000.

Attorneys for Mr. Terwilliger have declined comment on the no-contact order, which required him to stay at least 500 feet away from the girls.  The order was in effect until a future hearing on July 7.

Terwilliger was still listed as an employee according to the Sherrard High School website.




  • corey

    I would just like to tell you both of these girls were very successful and chose on their own not to take the next step.

  • noname

    I would just like to say Mr.Terwilliger was my ag teacher when I was In high school and he was the best and the nicest teacher I knew! He never acted sexual nor violent ever! Everyone loved him!

  • John

    Why is everyone jumping to conclusions on this one? Remember what happened out in Aledo? Well one of those officers had all charges completely dropped because it proved to be false information, so how about we just wait and see the outcome before we cry for his punishment.

  • 4 truth

    This is sad to see. Mr. Terwilliger has been a great aid in the success of several students, including those who are accusing him. He has been a great mentor and 2nd father type figure for my own daughter who served on the FFA board for 3 years under his guidance. She also took several ag classes with him. She has never said one negative thing about him and is outraged by these accusations. Are these accusation true? I don’t have that answer. But I have a hard time believing it when NO ONE else is backing this. These two girls have ” interesting histories”. Not exactly reliable sources. So sorry for his wife and children. They’ve had enough heartache and now this!

  • Me

    What I find interesting is how quickly some are to judge the girls. Just because past students never had issues with this teacher doesn’t mean that nobody did. A predator doesn’t go after everyone. They will pick out individuals to target. According to qconline, the girls are not the ones who first came forward with this to the sheriff’s department. A mandatory reporter contacted the authorities. Most likely that mandatory reporter was a fellow teacher/staff member. Ask yourself why that would have happened?

    • DeAnna

      For one… the class is an elective.. if the girls have been “harassed” the 2 years that they claim then why didnt they drop the class? And I find it pretty crazy that they didnt come forward with the accusations until AFTER the teacher caught them drinking. I personally never had him as a teacher but I kno quite a few ladies that did and they have never had any issues that these girls claim to have had. I think this is a bogus case

      • snake

        Is it fact or rumor about the girls getting caught drinking? Obviously it hasn’t gone before the school because they haven’t been ineligible for their after school activities.

    • 4truth

      It was MANDATORY that the person report it. That does NOT mean that the reporter agreed that there was wrong doing. That is just the requirements when given a situation with the outcome to be determined later if need be. I believe this all started with a girl who was causing some problems in Mr. Twigs class and was asked to go to the principals office. At her refusal he grabbed her by the arm and took her himself. From what I have been told this girl regrets her behavior and says that Mr. Twig was the only one who ever cared about her at that school. I think people need to be careful on being quick to judge him. He has been a great teacher thus far and his character and past actions don’t back up their claims. Not saying he is completely innocent but things don’t add up. Should he have handled things differently, maybe.

  • John Lappin

    This is all gone to far. He’s getting charged and put in jail for things they have no proof off except two girls words. They shouldn’t be able to do anything without the full story.

  • Me

    I guess the best thing to do is wait to see what happens. I agree there are two sides to every story and we just have to wait to see how this story ends. No one knows what happened besides the three involved so NO ONE should rush to judgement.

  • None

    I’m still calling BS. Twig is one of the best teachers at Sherrard, and I just can’t see these accusations being true. I know many females who were in his class and NEVER did he treat them differently.

    If this had been going on, why would they take the class for 2 years? Why wouldn’t they come forward sooner. It’s pretty suspicious that AFTER they get caught drinking, by Twig, he’s all of a sudden terrible.

  • Duder

    This is like the Salem Witch Trials. I think this must be the son of Twig Sr. who taught at Alwood. I know Twig Sr. Was verbally and physically abusive towards some of the students when his buttons were pushed.

  • Artyom

    This is such BS. Those idiotic girls are making it all up, and they’re getting away with it. I hope the teacher is long gone and escapes these evil witches.

  • 4truth

    I do believe, and maybe I’m wrong, that this all started with a girl who did not go to the principals office when told and was using foul language. After repeatedly telling the girl to go Mr. Twig grabbed her by the arm and took her himself. This girl, now, from what I am told regrets it all and says that Mr. Twig was the only one at the school that ever cared about her.

  • Dave

    He verbally abused several students last year at a competition and it got swiped under the rug and there could be several more students come forward if need be. This guy does not need to be a teacher and needs help. I hope they put him away and I will help in any way they need to get the job done.

    • Me

      What did the students do at this competition for him to verbally abuse them?? It’s funny how the teacher always gets the blame but the students can do anything they want with no consequences. And their parents back them 100%. Then ten years later the parents wonder why their little angel can’t keep a job or hasn’t amounted to anything!!

  • justin

    I’m glad these girls are speaking up against this monster. Voices for the others who are too afraid to come forth. Those two girls love FFA and its a shame that once they are “of age” then the sexual Innuendo’s come out and the verbal abuse starts. Great job girls! You both have very bright futures and are looked up to by many other young ladies who were also hurt by this monster.

  • Snake

    Abusive language and intimidation? I guess you could arrest the boys basketball coach too. Maybe the teacher/ parent that bullied a coach should have been fired. I don’t think we will have the full story, but it happens more than you know in schools, and no one is immune.

    • Don't talk about what you don't know

      Maybe you shouldn’t talk about things you don’t know. That coach that the “teacher/parent” “bullied” was one of the worst bullies I’ve seen to her volleyball players. The parent was just standing up for what was right!

  • concerned

    I think this is great…. for over some fews years now this man has been harassing students and just getting away with it because of his reputation. Karma knows exactly how to catch up with people like this. It doesnt matter if this guy was a great teacher for you but for others he was abusive, cruel, and down right wrong for actions that he took. I hope he pays for allthat he has done and that the other students who have been harassed come forth to help settle the issue that has been going on for obviously way to long

    • Me

      In today’s world students verbally abuse teachers far more than teachers verbally abuse students. What are these students doing to be verbally abused?? Cheating?? Stealing? Not telling the truth?? Parents are doing a great disservice to their children by standing up for them at all cost!! Sometimes a little butt chewing goes a long way. They sure don’t get that enough from home!!

  • Chris

    I was a student of Mr. Terwilliger many years ago he was a role model that I greatly needed at the time and probably single handedly the only reason I finished high school. I doubt there’s anything that would make me think he could do this, short of him admitting it. He will always be my favorite teacher. He made learning fun in a way myself and so many others didn’t know possible. And there’s no doubt in my head that I would even be half the man I am today if I didn’t have him there for me at such a crucial point in time in my life. Now I want to say Thank You Twig for everything.
    Chris W.

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