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Carson campaign diagnoses country in terrible shape

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As Dr. Ben Carson enters the Rogalski Center on Wednesday morning, he seems to take it all in stride.

"For me, it's easy," he said.  "I'm not a politician."

Scott County Republicans hosted his stop after joining the presidential race on Monday.

The retired neurosurgeon diagnoses the country to be in terrible shape.  He lists risk factors like deep division, money woes and terrorist threats.

"It's not so much Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals," he said.  "It's those who are pro-American and those who are against America."

He's joining a crowded and growing list of Republican contenders. But he has a strategy for standing out from the pack in Iowa.

"Can people listen carefully to what people are saying?" he continued.  "Then look at their life, their record of accomplishment and decipher who's talking and who's doing."

In this overflow crowd topping 300, many admire Carson's rise from poverty to success.

Voters like Jeff Sweatt think it's a winning combination.

"His fascinating, intriguing story, and his very conservative message," he said.

Others line up to shake hands and take photos while getting a snapshot view of Carson's campaign.

"I think he's a good man," said Davenport voter Vera Kelly.  "I've never seen him.  I've heard a lot about him.  I read his books.  I just wanted to meet him."

Iowa Republicans want to be more inclusive to win back the White House.  Carson is ready to roll up his sleeves.

"I think Republicans have to start talking aggressively about programs that lift people out of dependency, not ways to perpetuate dependency," he said.

This doctor's prescription could strengthen a tough campaign to come.


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  • Crask

    Eagles represent peace and strength, not liberty and justice. We think innocent like the white head, but we have the strength to fight our enemies if necessary.

    It’s dove/lion symbolism where we think peace, but we have the ability to destroy our enemies.

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