Blue Grass Mayor wants to bring high school to his community

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Just west of the Quad Cities a small town mayor has a bold idea to keep students closer to home.

The communities of Blue Grass, Buffalo and Walcott are all part of the Davenport School District. The closest campus is Davenport West. Blue Grass Mayor Tim Brandenburg wants Blue Grass to leave the Davenport School District and form a new one just for those communities. However, it wont be easy to do so. Iowa state law has a long list of requirements to meet, including the number of potential students and voters living in the current Davenport district would have to approve it. That's just the start.

It's a huge task to take on, but Mayor Brandenburg says its worth a try, "If we're successful you'll see west Scott County develop a name for itself and have some great growth."

Mayor Brandenburg has already started the conversation. He says he's talked to Buffalo's Mayor who's on board and will meet with someone from Walcott's city council soon.


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