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Trump stumps in Davenport to revive “sick” country

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Donald Trump knows how to make a big entrance.

"There's nobody that's ever done what I've done," he said.

While raising money for Scott County Republicans in Davenport on Thursday morning,  the brassy boardroom baron sounds more like a doctor reviving what he calls a "sick" country.

"If I run, if I win, we will be strong again quickly because I'm not a politician," he said.  "Politicians are all talk and no action.  They're never going to get it done."

Trump riffs on White House blunders before more than 200 guests.  But he also deals on Republicans like Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

"Personally, I can't take it any more," he said.  "I can't take the stupidity.  I can't take the incompetence.  I can't take the corruption."

Iowa Republicans seem to get a kick out of the preliminary posturing.  They soak up his banter and bravado.

"Somebody needs to step forward and tell it like it is," said John Ortega, Scott County Republicans.  "If the other candidates listen to him and do the same thing, I'd love it."

At this point, Trump is testing the waters.  But he offers strong indications he's about to take the plunge in a month or two.

"A lot of people don't think I'm running, but I'm not doing this for my health," he said.  "I could be doing other things."

Some Republicans hope he makes the move soon.

"He's like the 'My Cousin Vinny' lawyers," said breakfast guest Kathy Bauerly.  "He just comes in, gives his take on life, and it is about the deal."

Trump says that his time in Iowa is very important.  He hopes to connect with Iowans on his call for change.

"A lot of people like me in Iowa because they know I'll help the country," he concluded.  "They know that I will make America great again."

It just might be the tallest order for this big businessman.


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