Residents of sold mobile home park say 80 families ‘could be homeless’ within weeks

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Some Lake Canyada Mobile Home Park residents in Davenport are beginning to panic as the deadline to their eviction is approaching.

A few weeks ago, Jackie Knaack, a resident at the mobile home park, said all residents were notified that the property was sold. Knaack said residents were told they needed to be gone by July 1.

"Eighty some families could be homeless," Knaack said, her tone rising in anger. "I've been having a hard time finding one myself. I could be right there on the streets with them."

Knaack said she's been looking for a place for her husband and two dogs, but hasn't been able to find anything yet. She is considering moving to another state.

"We have nobody," she said. "If you have no family you have nobody."

Just a few houses down lives Dayne Hurlbut, a friend of the Knaack family.

Hurlbut said he's found a home for him and his two daughters, but worries about the rest of the people in the park, especially the Knaacks.

"We are trying to find places close together so we can keep in contact," Hurlbut said. "Now we don't know what is going to happen."

Residents that News 8 spoke with said they are displeased in the way management has handled the sale, saying "management has been ignoring" their phone calls.

News 8 spoke briefly with the manager of the mobile home park, but she declined to comment.

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