Photos: Rioters loot stores, set fires and throw objects at police in Baltimore

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — As Baltimore protests over police conduct turned violent Monday, CVS closed a nearby store that was later looted and set on fire.

None of its employees or customers were in the store when looters broke in, the company said.

CVS shut the store at 3 p.m. and the fire broke out several hours later.

Rioters also looted a check cashing store, set patrol cars on fire and threw rocks, bricks and other items at police. They later cut a fire hose that was being used to put out the CVS fire.

Authorities said 15 officers were injured. Police made nearly 202 arrests after 144 vehicles and 19 structures were set on fire during the night, according to Howard Libit of the Baltimore Mayor’s office.

The violence followed Monday’s funeral for Freddie Gray, who died in policy custody under circumstances that remain unclear.

The recent death of Gray, who was 25, has sparked ongoing protests in Baltimore and raised long-simmering tensions between police and residents.

A few other CVS locations in Baltimore were also temporarily closed. The national pharmacy and grocery chain has 22 stores in Baltimore.

“We are cooperating with Baltimore Police and monitoring our other store locations to ensure the safety of our employees and customers, and are closing additional stores as needed,” said spokesman Michael DeAngelis.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency for Baltimore late Monday and activated the National Guard to help local authorities get control of the riots. And Baltimore’s mayor announced a citywide curfew, lasting for a week, between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. daily. It will go into effect on Tuesday.

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  • Artyom

    Whenever something angers or upsets us, we, as human beings, resort to anger and violence. Found out your daughter has a boyfriend and they’re having se-x? Most of the time the father gets pissed and wants to hurt him. Found out a family member was attacked? We want to retaliate with violence. A guy ends up with a spinal cord injury from a police officer and dies as a result of it? Lets react with violence. Instead of trying to set up a donation fund or pay for the family to get therapy, lets riot. Lets steal from innocent people who had nothing to do with it. Lets burn and destroy someone’s property that had nothing to do with it.

    People are quick to accuse cops of being monsters, of bad people. Yet, here you are, rioting. Holding a makeshift molotov and throwing it at an innocent person’s shop. Here you are, scaring and hurting people who had nothing to do with what happened. Why? That is who we are, it’s in our nature to be violent in the face of anger or an injustice. What happened to that man is tragic, but how is causing people and the city hundreds if not thousands of dollars going to help? Do you really think Freddie Gray would want you to act like vicious, idiotic animals who have no concern for others?

    Here we are. Baltimore is a mess. At one point looking like it did so many years ago during even worse riots. This is who we are. We are violent, terrible people who use these injustices as an excuse to be violent and cause chaos. The truth that no one wants to admit, we are all the same. We are not different from the police because they are humans who react with anger much like you. One injustice does not justify another.

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