Teacher credited with stopping shooter at high school in Washington

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LACEY, Wash. -- A popular teacher at a high school in Washington is being credited with stopping an active shooter on campus on Monday, April 27, 2015.

Mr. Brady Olson at North Thurston High school apparently stepped in and apprehended the suspect before any students were injured. Lacey Police confirmed to KCPQ the shooter is in custody and no one was injured.

School district spokesperson Courtney Schrieve confirmed Olson was responsible for helping apprehend the suspect.

“He is a very brave man who probably saved a lot of people today,” Schrieve told KCPQ.

Parent Stefanie Golden

Stefanie Golden, a parent

Rodolfo Ruedas, a student at North Thurston High, told KCPQ he was preparing for a normal Monday morning when he heard people shouting about someone having a gun.

“Everybody was scared,” Rudeas said.

Rudeas said as he ran by the school’s commons area and saw Olson and a school resource officer holding down someone on the floor.  Rudeas said he believes that person was the suspect.

According to the North Thurston High School website, Olson has taught at NTHS for roughly a decade.

“He’s a hero for sure,” said Stefanie Golden, a parent.  “I think he did what he needed to do. He potentially saved lives. For that... he’s amazing.”

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  • Artyom

    On the bright side, at least these incidents are not as common now. Go figure, he got the gun from his “amazing” parents who don’t know how to safely lock up weapons. I feel like either this idiot kid did this for attention, or he did it because he wanted help and he wanted it to be forced help.

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