Black Hawk College Prepares Students for ‘Campus Disaster’

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Black Hawk College hosted an on campus disaster drill for its EMS students on Monday, April 27, 2015.

The students received hands on experience on how to treat people that have been injured in a car accident. In Monday's drill, a drunk driver drove his car into a crowd of people, and ten people were injured.

The students treated the injured people up until the time they were taken to the hospital. Students say it's nice to get this hands on experience that a text book can't teach you.

"The hands on experience is not something where you can go through the book as many times as you can go through the book," EMT student Liberty Thomson said. "You can't really get the hands on experience and the calm that you need and the organizational skills of the teamwork play a really large roll in it."

Some of the students who participated in Monday's drill will graduate in May. They could become paramedics later on this summer.

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