Gluba calls to scrap plans for Dock redevelopment in Davenport

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Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba wants to sink current plans for The Dock redevelopment project.

"I would like to see it all sent back and start over again," he said just after delivering the State of the City Address.

Gluba says that the proposal for the former restaurant is not the best deal for the city or its residents.

"I just don't want to see the city taxpayers stuck with some private office complex on public property," he said.

Mayor Gluba tells Rotarians his city is financially strong and getting stronger every day.

There's strength from investing a record $41.3 million on streets and sewers this year.

"We're putting as much as we possibly can into street repairs this summer," he said.

He touts business and commercial expansion.  Projects bringing everything from loft housing to a land-based casino.

"We're committed to a policy of using each and every tax dollar wisely," he said.

Plans are in the works with RiverVision.  The city is working out details to boost tourism for years to come.

"Viking cruise line is coming to Davenport and will dock at the foot of Main Street," he said.

But there's also concern over poverty in the city.

Davenport is partnering with schools to contend with growing challenges.

"We have a lot to do," he said.  "As our schools go, so goes our city."

Back at The Dock, there's doubt about moving forward.

"That's park property," he said.  "That's your property.  Why should one guy be able to make money off this area?"

Something to ponder following this State of the City Address.