IDOT: Remove speed and red light cameras at Elmore and Kimberly

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The Iowa Department of Transportation is telling the city of Davenport to remove red light and speed cameras at the corner of Elmore and Kimberly.

According to a study done by Iowa State University, crashes at this intersection have increased since the cameras were put in. The red light camera was installed in 2004. The speed camera was installed in 2007, meaning a person could be ticketed for either offense.

The study says that 23 crashes happened at the Elmore and Kimberly Road intersection in 2013. Drivers who heard about the announcement Wednesday, March 18, 2015, say IDOT's announcement pleases them, because they'd be less likely to get traffic citations at the intersection.

The state reviewed 34 camera locations in Iowa, and 24 were approved to continue to be used.

"The Iowa DOT is requiring the removal of cameras at the other 10 locations," said a statement from the DOT.

The city of Davenport can appeal the Iowa Department of Transportation's requirement. Spokespersons for the city of Davenport did not comment Wednesday, March 18 on whether they would appeal.

The report said Davenport could continue to operate the cameras at 35th and Harrison streets, but that additional or more-visible signage was needed for southbound traffic.  The report said the number of speed citations for that intersection was "extremely high."

The report also said Davenport could also continue operation of speed and red-light cameras at Kimberly Road and Brady Street, at Kimberly Road and Welcome Way and the aerial cameras in the 1200 block of East River Drive and in the 2600 block of Brady Street.

The city of Muscatine has also been told to remove their red light and traffic speed camera which observes westbound traffic at the corner of US 61 and University Drive. The study shows that traffic crashes at that intersection have increased as well.  The study indicated Muscatine could continue to operate cameras at Washington and Park Avenue, Cleveland and Park Avenue, and at Mulberry avenue at U.S. 61.

The state gave the cities until April 17 to comply with the decision.

To see the full report, click here.


  • Artyom

    Idot is full of IDIOTS! Do you know why these crashes happen? Because people who realize how fast they’re going slam on the brakes. Are we seriously going to remove the one proof we have of speeders and red light runners? IDIOTS, FREAKING IDIOTS!

  • John Reilly

    So what the idiot idot is telling us is that there will no longer be evidence of that high speed red light runner being in the wrong when he causes the death of some young 18 year! Ref. the red light runner at 53rd and Brady was caught on camera !!

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