Davenport attorney gives employees bonuses to carry guns

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For a little more than four years, Eric Puryear with Puryear Law in Davenport, Iowa, has given his employees an extra $50 a month if they get their permits and carry a gun.

"Well, I really like gun rights. I think they're a basic human right. I think so many bad things wouldn't happen to people if they were armed for self-defense," said Puryear.

In his office lobby is a sign welcoming guns. There is an NRA hat, as well as handgun and shotgun books, above his desk.

"I think it's an important constitutional right. It's right up there with voting and free speech. I feel strongly about those, too. I don't think anybody disagrees with voting rights or free speech rights, and so I guess gun rights is an area where there's just more to be said," said Puryear.

In paralegal Elizabeth Payne's desk, there is a handgun.

"I got that when I started here, probably about two months after I started I think," she said.

She gets $50 a month for it. So does any other employee here that gets a permit to carry and does so.

"I decided the employees should have some incentive to carry if they so choose," said Puryear.

"I didn't have a reason not to, and it's a protection thing. I definitely feel much safer carrying it and knowing if something were to happen to me I, like, have a way to protect myself," said Payne.

A certified NRA instructor, Puryear teaches gun safety classes in his office.

"I would hate to have something happen to any employee and think, 'Gee, if I'd told them about gun ownership and given them the training (for) defending themselves...' We've never had a problem in the office or anything but, just, the world's a dangerous place," said Puryear.

In the last few months, he's hired three new employees. In that time, there have been two office trips to a shooting range. A few employees have applied for their permits.

"I don't think it really changes people's minds if they didn't want to own a gun. I've had employees who just didn't have any interest in owning a gun and never owned one, never received a bonus, and that's certainly their choice," said Puryear.

"I would much rather have it and not need it, than that day come when I do need that protection and I don't have it," said Payne.

Currently, Puryear says only one of his nine employees is carrying. At one point, he said, all but one of his employees carried a gun.

"It's not a matter of just carrying a gun. It's a matter of carrying a gun safely and lawfully, and we emphasize that here," he said.



    • M.

      AMEN Pineymama! So sick and tired of my constitutional rights being trampled on because ignorant liberals can’t understand why legal, law-abiding citizens might need to protect themselves against criminals ILLEGALLY carrying a gun!

    • f4xtrafn

      WE almost never hear of an armed citizen protecting themselves or others in the event shooting sprees. That’s because these “armed” citizens are generally cowards and are afraid that the shooter will return fire – so they just watch the carnage like the other unarmed folks. However, almost every day there are kids that find unsecured guns in the house and shoot themselves or their sibling. The problem with easy gun ownership is that very few normal people want anything to do with guns but all criminals, “wannabe” criminals, the mentally unstable and generally all bullies and people with low self esteem who need to “feel powerful” – in other words dolts, cowards and criminals feel a need to be armed.

    • Matt

      wait…did I just read that right?..a person who STUDIES law, knows the law, laws based on and derived from the Constitution and Bill of RIGHTS…read that again…RIGHTS, not suggestions or opinions, but RIGHTS! You dont like guns, dont have one and dont go to this guy’s law office either , I doubt he will lose any sleep over it. Despite your increasingly common level of ignorance, I am still astounded by it.

    • Nick Dahl

      No the reason why you don’t hear about an armed citizen stopping a spree killer, is because if he does stop the killing spree, then it’s not a killing spree, and therefor it doesn’t make the news.

      Also, most of these killing sprees occur in gun free zones. Thus, the law abiding armed citizen is relieved of his gun before entering into the soon to be killing field. Find me a shooting spree, stabbing spree, bombing spree, etc. that wasn’t committed in a gun free zone, or in a heavily gun controlled state or city, and we can discuss that.

      The best example of this is the Luby’s Massacre, and the story of one of its survivors, Suzanna Hup.
      She didn’t watch her family die because of cowardice, she was forced to watch her parents be murdered because she, being a good citizen, left her lawfully owned firearm in her vehicle in accordance with the law, while the rampaging lunatic with a gun gave not one shit about the law. She regrets to this very day having obeyed the law, and has vowed to never do so again.

  • Charles

    He wants his employees to carry a gun to add another layer of protection between the front door and his office. You gotta figure he’s an attorney, he can care less about anyone else.

  • dave

    I fully support his firearms policy, but after using his services, he is the last attorney I would ever use.

  • joe

    Unfortunately it isn’t honest people you have to worry about. The people you might need to protect yourself from prey on honest people.

  • mminter77@yahoo.com

    Spree shootings almost always happen in gun-free zones. When they don’t, and they are stopped by an armed citizen, the liberal media doesn’t cover the story.

  • D.G

    I’m so glad to hear about an employer that actually cares so much for the welfare of his employees! Bravo, sir!
    How nice it must be to work there and not need to be intensively secretive about lawfully carrying your concealed weapon, and not to be in constant fear of reprisals if you happen to be found out accidentally.
    This is remarkable!

  • richarx

    And I have a 2.5 ton weapon in my driveway, that at any moment I could take and wipe out a lot people, that weapon such as mine kill and injure hundreds of people in the US everyday. It’s a car, and I don’t see anyone trying to outlaw these weapons, I mean cars. But then again guns are responsible for killing people as much as forks are for making people day.

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