Police: East Moline daycare owner admitted to slapping one year old child

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In a heated preliminary hearing on Tuesday, March 17, an East Moline detective testified that Roxanne Coulson, the woman accused of beating a one-year-old child at her daycare, admitted to slapping the toddler in the face.

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She said the child was crying and she couldn't take it anymore, East Moline detective Anthony Frankowski testified in court on Tuesday.

Judge Walter Braud listened to the detective's testimony, detailing the events that police say occurred.

Police said on January 28 between 1:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., Coulson slapped Samantha Moody's one-year-old daughter in the face. Moody previously told News 8 that Coulson called her that afternoon stating a little boy had gotten mad and shoved Moody's daughter's face into a pile of toys and sat on her.

An officer testified Tuesday that the child's doctor "believed the injuries were inconsistent with the child being pushed down and sat on."

Police said when they initially interviewed Coulson, she confirmed that story, adding that one of Coulson's friends who had a medical background came to the house to observe the child's injuries. After police interviewed Coulson's alleged friend, police said the friend was never called to the house nor did he have medical training.

After Coulson was confronted about the contradicting story, police said she admitted to hitting the child.

Coulson's attorney, Jack Schwartz, said his client took a picture of the child that afternoon, alleging there was no bruising to the child's face. That photo has yet been released to the prosecutors.

Schwartz added that he has requested to move the trial because the mother of the child, Samantha Moody, has "made it her mission to try this case on Facebook."

Coulson's next court appearance is scheduled for May 1.