Run Warren Run group campaigns in Davenport

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The Iowa caucuses are still almost a year away, but one group is already campaigning in Davenport for their candidate to get into the 2016 presidential race.

The Run Warren Run campaign is made up of several groups who want Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president.

She has said she is not running, but they are trying to convince her to anyway.

"I just think it's good to have as much competition as possible," said Caroline Evans, who hosted a Run Warren Run meeting in her Davenport home.

The Run Warren Run campaign is holding similar meetings all over Iowa, starting the year leading up to the Iowa Caucuses and talking about ways to get Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Democratic ticket.

"I don't like people counting her out, I really don't," said Sam King, a Run Warren Run volunteer from Moline.

"That is Elizabeth's Warren's central message, that we need to get back on track, that we need to get back to helping regular Americans instead of special interests," he said.

A U.S. Senator since 2012, Elizabeth Warren is known for creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

"For me, she's talked a lot about college students and how we need to invest in the future generations," said King.

The latest numbers from Real Clear Politics show Hillary Clinton as the front runner in Iowa, up 41 points ahead of the next Democrat, Elizabeth Warren.

"We're not campaigning against Hillary, we're campaigning against an uncontested primary, we don't want a coronation," said King.

"The supports here. We're laying the ground work so when she's ready to announce, you know, it's all set up," said Beth Farvour.


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