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Jogger and motorcyclist hurt when they collided in Moline

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Two people were airlifted to hospitals after a pedestrian was hit by a motorcycle in the 1900 block of 29th Street in Moline, Illinois.

Witnesses told police that Kimberly Doerr, of Moline, was jogging northbound on 29th Street when she started to cross the street at an angle at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 10, 2015.  She was struck by a northbound motorcycle, driven by Brian Lavery of Moline, that was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed.

"I saw her fly and then he proceeded to slide down the street," recalled Hayley Douglas, who said she was sitting on the front porch with a friend when the accident happened. "It was the most terrible thing I've ever seen in my life."

"There was a loud sound and I looked out my window and [the motorcyclist] was laying right there," added Lakyn Glenn, who said she and her family had just finished eating dinner when she heard the accident happen. "His right leg was pinned underneath the motorcycle and the other one was twisted and mangled up underneath the handlebar."

Glenn said she and her next-door neighbor hurried to help Lavery.

"He was choking on so much blood that we turned him on his side," she said. "We held him there until the police arrived. He was cut all the way across his face and his teeth were busted out."


Lavery was airlifted to a hospital in Peoria and Doerr was airlifted to a hospital in Iowa City, police said.

"She was up the street a little ways from where I could see," said Glenn. "It looked like her leg was shattered pretty badly."

The victims' conditions were unknown as of late Wednesday afternoon, March 11. Police said Lavery was not wearing a helmet and the accident is still under investigation.

"It was a terrible accident," said Detective Scott Williams with the Moline Police Department. "It's the first bad motorcycle accident that we've had this year."

"This is a terrible, tragic reminder that even though everybody wants to enjoy the [warmer weather], we have to be really careful."



      • L

        I don;t know if it could have been avoided or not I didn’t see the actual crash, I only seen him lying in the road and he was having a seizure due to the trauma I’m sure so I wanted to make sure he was okay. He had ear buds in so I don’t know if maybe he just didn’t see her. I sure hope he is doing okay & that you and your family are doing well!

  • Woman13

    Why was she jogging in the ROAD?!?! There are paths/tracks and sidewalks for people who want to exercise outside. At least use the crosswalks people! The road is for motor vehicles! Vehicles have to carry insurance. Vehicles pay road tax.

    • Anon

      I don’t believe there are any sidewalks on that stretch of 29th street. Its a shame because it is a nice area to exercise in. Also a fun little hill with little visibility that people like to fly down right around there..

      • Amber

        There are no sidewalks on that part of the street going down the hill. It’s a great running area, but you have to be careful there. People also like to turn off the Avenue and go flying down the hill way too fast. A cop should sit at the bottom and watch how fast people speed through there.

    • Piesmom

      The sidewalk ends just past the church. I’m sure she looked before she crossed the street. But biker was flying on his motorcycle way too fast. I work at the shop right next to the church and way too many cars/ motorcycles think 29th street is a racetrack from 23rd to 12ave. This is this woman’s neighborgood and has every right to enjoy a run on such a beautiful day. It was a tragic accident. People need to slow down.

  • 29th Street resident

    It is a shame that others did not learn from this very tragic event! These 2 young people were hurt very badly and I hope they are getting better. My prayers are with them and their families. Just tonight, two motorcycles flew extremely fast down 29th. This has been a problem for many years on this street and there are kids on this street. I don’t think people would learn even if they had to see the destruction to these young adults’ bodies. I agree that the police need to patrol and ticket the speeders as some are going 50 mph, surely the city of Moline could use the funds. Many people run on this road daily. Please slow down and if you drive a motorcycle, put a helmet on to protect your head and face. If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones that would have to see you tore up or worse and the heartache they will feel.

  • Guy1

    Why do people continue to jog there if there is no side walk and they know cars/bikes speed up or down? If a motorcycle was speeding you would hear it all the way down the street. Also if you looked before you crossed the street you would have seen a motor vehicle coming. Your basically jaywalking. Which is a crime just like speeding. Instead of wasting tax money on officers sitting and waiting for a person to speed. Why not build a sidewalk so people can walk/run and not have to worry. It was an accident and those happen. No reason to blame anyone but themselves. Next time they both should pay better attention.

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