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Bride-to-be inspired by stranger who paid for her wedding dress

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A Utah woman’s family assisted her boyfriend in making a surprise video to help him ask for her hand in marriage. She happily said yes, and thanks to a stranger, the surprises didn’t end there.

Liz Jensen and her fiancé got engaged Sunday, January 25, 2015.

“We went ice skating, we built a snowman, and he said, reported ABC News, “I have a short film I want to show you.” At the end there was a clip of my sister saying, “I believe Jimmy has a question for you right now,” and the video cut out,” Jensen recalled. “That’s when I saw [Jimmy] down on one knee.”

Weeks later Jensen went by herself to a bridal shop to try on some dresses. According to the report, she said she was having a lot of fun trying on gowns when she realized she had put on ‘the’ dress.

“Right when I put it on, I said, “OK, this is the one,” she said. “It was perfect, so I went around to the front to pay for it.”

Jensen tried to pay for the dress, but then was given the exciting news that her $495 gown was already taken care of.

The dress shop’s co-owner Carrie Ling said a woman came into the shop and tried on a couple of dresses. When Ling asked her if she liked any of the dresses, she said she would rather pay for another bride’s gown.

“I think she planned this from the get-go,” Ling said.

Ling said she noticed Jensen was alone, pointed to her and said “I think I’ll pick her.” The generous woman wanted to be anonymous.

“[That] was all that went into it,” Ling said. “We rang her up and she left.”

“In my mind I thought, ‘That happens at the drive-thru at McDonald’s, that doesn’t happen with a wedding dress,” Jensen said, laughing. “I was just so incredibly touched. To have that person who can look inside themselves to do something nice for someone else, it’s something I’ll never forget for sure.”

Jensen said this experience has served as inspiration for her wedding. She and her fiancé plan to set the news clippings from her story at a table for guests to read and to pledge to do a kind service for others.

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