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Muscatine nurse working to expand medical marijuana in Iowa

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A nurse in Muscatine is pushing to expand the legalization of medical marijuana in Iowa.

Shelly Van Winkle held a presentation in front of a couple dozen people at Musser Public Library in Muscatine on Thursday, February 26, 2015 to discuss the current medical marijuana law in Iowa and how an expanded law would benefit chronically and critically ill Iowans.

Last year a bill was passed that allowed kids with severe forms of epilepsy to use cannabis oil, but they are not allowed to get it in Iowa. Van Winkle is pushing for a bill that would allow that and expand the use of medical marijuana to other patients.

"If at the very least we rolled out a bill that allowed for safe, reliable access to chronically ill Iowans, that would be huge," said Van Winkle.

In the crowd was Tina McDermott, whose son has Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy.

"I hope he passes a medical marijuana bill, not just for my son with epilepsy, but for all of the sicknesses, cancer, PTSD," said McDermott.

Van Winkle says she is expecting legislation to be introduced next week that would expand medical marijuana to more patients.




  • Artyom

    First it’s medical marijuana, then it’s people faking illnesses so they can get high because they are idiot pot heads. Finally, the government is forced to legalized pot because too many people cry about it being illegal. I hate potheads. I’m all for drugs that actually help sick people, but we all know where this will end up going.

  • Shelly Van Winkle RN

    Art, if you have any questions about medicinal cannabis, I would be happy to answer them. Medicinal Cannabis does help sick people, and has been shown to do so in peer reviewed research from some of the best Universtities all over the world. It is legal to buy alcohol, it is legal to buy tobacco, both substances that cause substantially more destruction to one’s health and welfare and our government and taxpayers pick up the tab for this. I wonder at what kind of person you are, that you find it acceptable to call a helpless child with severe epilepsy a pot head. In my line of work, people that pick on helpless, sick children, are bullies. If you want to discuss a law that will benefit those who are critically or chronically ill in a way that keeps access to those who are sick and who should have a right to use natural, safe, regulated and dispensed medicine, let’s talk. If you want to continue to show the world your ignorance with your posts, by all means, do so. Your behavior only reflects on you. You should also know, just about every single medicine known to man has been derived from a plant, a flower, a tree bark, or a root, now and for the thousands of years previous. Ask any pharmacist, any doctor and they can tell you so.

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