Davenport Hilltop Campus Village block ready for revival

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A Davenport eyesore is ready for an elegant transformation.

There's a new look on the way for old buildings on Harrison Street.

"That's going to be huge for the area," said Scott Tunnicliff, director of the Hilltop Campus Village.

A developer bought the block at 16th and Harrison on December 19.

The identity should come with an official announcement in coming weeks.

Soon, there could be a big boost for the neighborhood.

"Apartments above, commercial space below," Tunnicliff continued.  "It will all be reconstruction, redevelopment. They're not going to knock anything down."

There's no timeline for the project yet, but it is on the radar.

This renovation will be a big piece of the puzzle.

It will help to make the Hilltop Campus Village more of a destination than a drive-through in Davenport.

As businesses find a home on the hilltop, it enhances the community between St. Ambrose University and Palmer College.

Harrison Lofts offer possibilities and realities.

Soon, all 60 units will be occupied.

"It's definitely going in a good direction," said Mindy Stoedter, Harrison Lofts manager.  "Definitely trying to revive the area and bring it back to life."

The $10.4 million project is the cornerstone of the village.

The next challenge will be to fill commercial space downstairs.

"Lots of potential down there," she continued.  "I'm hoping to get the right tenant down there soon."

Local landmark, Mary Sue's Cafe, will be part of the revival.

The plans represent a new way of thinking along Harrison Street.

Tunnicliff says it will help to stabilize the area while attracting more customers and residents.

"This seems like a good investment, so I'm going to put in and ramp it up," he concluded.  "And it's working."

It's working to make something new out of something very old in Davenport.


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