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Photographer finds mystery couple spotted getting engaged in picturesque photo

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A man’s picturesque photo became even more special when he noticed he inadvertently captured it as a couple was getting engaged.

Photographer Dan McGeorge took the picture in California on January 31, 2015. After almost two weeks of searching, he found the newly engaged couple: Robert Treml and Meghan Peart all the way in Philadelphia.

Treml got a call from his brother on February 13 to tell him that he had seen McGeorge’s photo and search campaign online, according to a report by Fox5.

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Confirming it was him and his fiancée in the photo, Treml recalled that moment under the rainbow.

“I grabbed her hands and we did the proposal right there,” he said. “And as we were [in] that very special moment together, that rainbow formed above us. It was such a magical moment for us.”

Since the search ended, the couple and McGeorge have been able to talk on the phone and exchange photos.

Ironically, the three have already met. Shortly after McGeorge took his photo they asked him to take a picture of them as a newly engaged couple.

The three plan to meet again in April when McGeorge travels to the east coast for his son’s wedding.

Fox 5 reported that McGeorge will be sending them a copy of the photo that has been printed on canvas and framed.

Treml and Peart hope to be married by fall.

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