Determined dog walks more than a mile to find its Iowa owner

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Sissy, a miniature schnauzer, was so loyal she simply had to find a way to be with her human mom, even if mom was far away and in a hospital.

Mom, Nancy Franck, was hospitalized for surgery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Days later, Nancy’s husband discovered Sissy was missing. Security cameras caught it all after Sissy apparently walked at least 15 blocks to find Nancy, and then marched her little furry self right into the hospital.

“We started looking at the tags, and it had the address, and we saw how far away this dog had lived; as far as going at least 15 blocks to get here,” Mercy Hospital Security Officer Samantha Conrad told KCRG-TV. When they called the number on Sissy’s tag, they realized she belongs to a patient.

“She wanted to go see her mom,” Dale Franck said. “She was on a mission, but she couldn’t find the right elevator to take.”

They still don’t know how Sissy knew where to go but, Nancy and her daughter agreed, it was clear that Sissy missed her mom.

“That was great just being able to see her,” Nancy said. “That was perfect. I’m glad she thought of it.”

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