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Photographer searching for engaged couple after taking chance photo

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It was perfect timing, a picturesque sky filled from side to side with a full rainbow and standing beneath it was a couple getting engaged.

This perfect storm was coincidentally captured by a photographer in Coronado, California, according to a report by Fox5 San Diego.  The photographer, Dan McGeorge, is now looking for that couple to share the captured moment with them.

“There to my surprise was this couple, and they were clasping their hands – looking at each other and I knew I had captured them right in the moment of their proposal,” said McGeorge.

Recalling that day, McGeorge said he had met the couple that day at a nearby beach. The man in the picture had a camera and asked McGeorge for assistance.

"We just got engaged, would you take our picture for us," McGeorge recalls the man in the photo said to him.

"The ones I took were close ups, just one, two, three, smile. I didn't have any clue until I zoomed in later that that was them," McGeorge said.

In an effort to find the couple, McGeorge posted the photo on Facebook hoping someone would recognize them.

“People have shared it all over the world and hopefully I can find them and connect with them,” McGeorge said.

McGeorge has named the photo "The Proposal," which is posted in his online gallery on his photography website. 

If you know the couple, McGeorge can be reached through his photography business at 619-522-9902.

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