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Behind the Scenes: A day with “The Bachelor”

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Chris Soules is the star of Season 19 of the Bachelor. From Arlington, Iowa, Chris is now looking for love in the Bachelor mansion. The show airs Monday nights at 7p.m. on WQAD.

From 11, down to 7. Mackenzie, Samantha, Kelsey and Ashley I. were all sent home in Monday night’s crazy episode of The Bachelor, set in South Dakota. After one more rose ceremony, the final six will head to Iowa for a great week of dates, starting at Chris’ alma mater, Starmont High School in Arlington, Iowa. That episode will air SUNDAY at 8pm on WQAD. (Note the date and time change!)

News 8 was invited to Des Moines to hang out behind the scenes during Chris’ group. We were promised an interview with Chris and some of the girls, and we didn’t leave disappointed.

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Next week, we’ll talk about everything you didn’t see on the Iowa episode (no spoilers!) But for now, here’s a little preview of everything we got to experience in Des Moines!

Chris and the girls were on a group date at the Wells Fargo Arena. This was about one month into the Bachelor filming schedule, so even though it airs as “Week 7”, the girls have actually known Chris and been filming for 4 weeks. This date took place on Sunday, October 26th. Because of a confidentiality agreement with ABC, we couldn’t report on or broadcast anything until now.

When we arrived at the arena, Chris was skating on the ice with the three women on the date- Kaitlyn, Carly and Britt. If you’re a fan of the show, you know both Britt and Kaitlyn have been front-runners from the start. Kaitlyn was especially charming during the Costco date with Chris, where they loaded up on ketchup to make dinner for Jimmy Kimmel. Britt not only got the first impression rose but also scored the first kiss on the very first night. She may have stumbled a bit a few episodes later when she seemed to “call Chris out” for his relationships with the other women, particularly Kaitlyn. Carly hasn’t had as much camera time as the other women. But that changed in Episode 5, when she went on one of the most awkward dates ever, a visit to a love guru. As uncomfortable as that date may have been, Chris and Carly seemed to have a genuine connection, so don’t count her out yet!

In order for us to have an interview with Chris, production staff members had to pull him off the ice, leaving the girls to just skate around the pass the time. We had about five minutes with him to talk, so I wanted to use the time wisely!

Now that all the episodes are airing, I can think of so many more questions I would have liked to ask Chris. But at the time, we knew nothing about any of the girls, the places they had been or any of the drama going on in the house! So we stuck to life as the Bachelor, his plans to propose (maybe?) and how he hopes to represent his home state.

“I’m really excited to be in Des Moines,” Chris told us. “I can't say enough about how supportive the city's been on the dates. And I’m just a proud Iowan right now.”

Chris first got our attention on The Bachelorette, when he was let go after hometown dates. Andi wasn’t sold on a life in Iowa on the Soules family farm. After that episode aired, the hastag #BlameItOnIowa started trending on Twitter.

“I’m calling the shots this time," said Chris. “I’m meeting some really great girls that I feel are willing to move here, and that’s really important.”

He said he can definitely see himself proposing with one of those gorgeous Neil Lane rings.

“This is going well,” he said.

The women claim they need no convincing when it comes to moving to Iowa and starting a life with Chris. Once our interview with Chris was over, we met Carly, a cruise ship singer from Texas.

“I actually love Iowa,” she said. “My dad was born here, and I’ve always wanted to come. I was hoping we would come here. It would be hard for me to know that I could live here if we didn’t.”

We also spent some time with Kaitlyn, a dance teacher from Vancouver. She said she’s learned a lot about Chris by spending time in Iowa.

“It all makes sense,” she said. “He's really down to earth, and that's what this feels like to me.”

Coming up on Sunday, February 15th on News 8 at 10, we'll show you much more of our interview with Chris and the girls, including what secret nickname Kaitlyn gave Chris, the family connection that got Carly a spot on the show, and a very important question for Chris... Hawkeyes or Cyclones?

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