Loebsack pushes broadband internet expansion in rural Bettendorf

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On Saturday, Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack met with area development officials at Scott Community College to discuss ways to increase broadband internet throughout rural and urban areas in the state.

"Without broadband, without a consistent and reliable connection to the internet that has sufficient bandwidth, it's really hard for folks to make it in this economy," said Loebsack. "It's all about access to community connection bandwidth and making sure the folks have what they need."

Lawmakers throughout the state of Iowa are pushing for the same goal of increased access to high-speed internet.

On Tuesday, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad proposed a $5 million grant program with tax breaks to internet service providers to help them expand their coverage areas, especially in rural areas with internet speeds less than 25 megabits per second.

Davenport Mayor Gluba also met with development officials in January to discuss ways to increase high-speed internet access in and around the city.

"The internet ties us in, it makes our businesses more effective, more prosperous, and it's just the wave of the future. It's like the telephone was 100 years ago," said Gluba.

No decisions were made at the meeting at Scott Community College on Saturday, and Congressman Loebsack made two more visits in Wilton, Iowa and Clinton, Iowa to discuss the expansion of broadband internet.