Moline’s Milltown Coffee makes a splash with pour-overs

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There's spectacular scenery at Milltown Coffee in Moline.

You'll find it at 3800 River Drive in Moline.  It's just a few blocks from Western Illinois University.

"It's beautiful," said customer Larry Bayer.  "I love the view.  You can't beat it."

The coffee is pretty terrific, too.

"Coffee is wonderful," said customer Stephanie Jordan.

"It's not just some regular, everyday coffee that you're getting," added Manager Alyssa Rickert.  "You're going to get lots of great taste throughout."

Since opening in September 2014, they've been wowing customers with pour-overs.  They're made with specially roasted beans.

"Each one has probably three or four taste notes in it," continued Rickert.  "You're going to get each one of those tastes through the coffee as you drink it."

Co-owner and Chef Jason Gomez is certainly comfortable in the kitchen.

Now, his culinary skills also cross over to coffee.

"It's really our drive for quality and freshness," he said.

Manager Rickert makes you feel right at home.

"Whatever you've had before, we try to get you to the right blends," she said.

Milltown Coffee is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., from Monday through Saturday.  It's open from 7 a.m to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Place phone orders at: (309) 517-6444.

"You're going to have a nice time," said customer Cathy Harl.  "There's a friendly atmosphere, friendly workers.  Everything is great."

Like a work of art, they make each cup one at a time.

"Some a little more berry," said Rickert.  "Some might be nuttier."

"It's really about the time and love in each pot," added Gomez.

This unique setting makes Milltown Coffee feel right at home in Moline.  It's the perfect blend for this new business.

The spacious design offers warmth and variety.  That suits relaxation or concentration.

"It's the perfect location for a working lunch or a cup of coffee with friends," said Jordan.

"It's something you don't normally find, to me, in the Quad Cities," added customer Randy Mariman.

Milltown Coffee is named for Moline, the city of mills.

Whether for regulars or first-timers, it hits the spot.

"It's the best I've found in my travels," said Mariman.

"This is a place I want to come back to, no doubt about it," concluded Bayer.

A room with a view, Milltown Coffee is a nice break from the daily grind in Moline.

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