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How McDonald’s customers react when asked to ‘pay with love’ rather than cash

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The next time you visit a McDonald's in the Quad City Area, money may not qualify as a form of payment.

Instead, hungry customers could be asked to pay with some lovin'.

During Superbowl XLIX, the fast-food giant aired a commercial that displayed customers being asked if they would like to pay for their order with love. The campaign applies to McDonald's location around the U.S., including the Quad Cities.

"You know, we just started it on February 2 and already there is a lot of enthusiasm in the restaurants," said Kevin Murphy, the owner and operator of the McDonald's at 727 Avenue of the Cities in East Moline.

In the morning, the staff open an envelope containing particular times of the day. The customer at the register during the pre-selected time offered the question: Would you like to pay with cash or lovin'? According to Murphy, all of his customers have selected lovin'.

"We will have people turn around and give another customer a hug," Murphy said.

"In the drive thru yesterday, we had a customer that wanted to pay for the car behind her, and the next one did the same thing, and the next one did the same thing, and this went on for nine cars and until there eventually weren't any more cars," Thomson said.

The staff have fun, too. The employees around the cash register huddle together, watching as they prepare to share the love with their next customer.

When Crystal Stillwell offers her customers to pay with lovin', she said the responses are priceless.

"You get a lot of people who go, 'Really? Are you kidding me?'," Stillwell said.

She said she's seen customers, hug, high-five and dance.

But Murphy said nothing compares to the marriage proposal that happened at one of the area's McDonald's restaurants.

On Wednesday, February 4, Stella Correa and her son, Zeke, were offered to pay with lovin'.

"I think it's a good idea," Correas said.

If anything, employees say the campaign has brought smiles to both customers and employees.


  • LaTara

    I was asked to tell my 4 year old daughter what I loved about her. She then told me she loved that I was her mommy. It was such a sweet experience and we got free food on top of it. What a great idea McDonald’s.

  • LaTara

    The best part is my daughter had been asking about a happy meal all week but I didnt have the money to get her one. I swallowed my pride and borrowed $4 from a co worker to get her a happy meal. This promotion allowed me to get us both a meal and save the $4 for gas for next week. Go McDonald’s!

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