Iowa postal worker admits stealing mail from military veteran

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A former postal employee confessed to opening and stealing medication from packages he handled as postmaster of Forest City, Iowa.

Danny D. Miller, 55, of Ventura, Iowa, admitted to stealing mail during a hearing in federal court in Sioux City, Iowa on Friday, January 23, 2015.

Miller admitted to opening and stealing the contents of packages containing the pain medication oxycodone.  The packages were from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and addressed to a military veteran living in Forest City, according to a statement from U.S. Attorney Kevin Techau.

Miller faced up to five years in prison, a maximum $250,000 find and up to a year of supervised release.  His sentencing hearing was not yet scheduled, and Miller remained free on previously-posted bond.



  • Leenzap

    Could you please, in the future articles regarding this situation, make it perfectly clear that the “pig scum” who perpetrated this crime be properly identified as a MANAGEMENT postmaster piece of you-know-what? We non-management postal workers are the butt of too many jokes and comments to let this kind of thing be attached to the hard-working clerk and/or carriers who work hard every day to make a living. Thank you for understanding that there is a difference.

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