Realtors warn about Craigslist scam

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There's a new series of warnings about Craigslist after police say a couple in Georgia was killed by someone they thought they were setting up sale with, on the anonymous classified site. That's one extreme, but there are cases almost daily here of people who end up losing money or worse.

Shannon Lough, a property manager at Keller Williams Realty has seen his fair share of scams.

"We unfortunately do see it a lot," said Lough.

The scammer sees a real listing and then re-posts it to a site like Craigslist with a couple minor changes.

"The pictures will get duplicated online with different contact information then that person will tell you the properties available," said Lough.

Also different, the price usually lowered to draw more attention. Once the scam artist hooks someone, they try to reel them in and get their personal info.

"Bank information or ask you to send them money and they'll send you the keys," which is the biggest red flag Lough said.

Another tip-off is if you see the same property listed multiple times with different prices. Lough says he sees this scam at least once a month if not more, even on properties he's selling.

Lough says there's a few tips to follow to avoid falling for a trick: use a realtor or reputable property manager, always meet face-to-face before sending information or money and do a drive by of the property to see if someone else's name is on the yard sign.

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