Local seafood affected by winter storm

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Dave Serrurier at Great Midwest Seafood Company has had to change up his game plan this week, as he and the rest of the country prepares for the winter storm across the northeast.

Snowfall is expected to reach over three feet overnight and will shut down cities like New York City and Boston, which is exactly where Serrurier gets his seafood shipped from.

"We've had to change our logistics as far as where freight is coming from. Generally there's a truck that leaves Wednesday night out of Boston," Serrurier said. "Depending on how the storm tracks, it may leave it, may not, so I made a phone call earlier this morning."

Serrurier said he ordered from his other carriers in Miami, Florida that have the same quality and priced seafood. He said shellfish, like mussels, oysters, and clams, could be slightly affected, but he's not worried.

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