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KFC bets some will like fried chicken better than a bun

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Depending on your point of view, it’s either genius or gross.   Either way, the Double Down Dog is getting a lot of attention.

The creation was released in limited supply to eleven KFC stores in the Philippines.  Each location had just 50 of the Double Down Dogs available for customers January 26 and again January 27.

It’s a hot dog, wrapped in fried chicken (instead of a bun) and covered with cheese.

Some estimates put the calorie count at more than 900, with nearly 500 from the extra-crispy chicken breast, more than 300 in an average hot dog an more than 150 in a packet of cheese sauce.

The Double Down Dog follows the Fall 2014 release of the Double Down sandwich – involving a burger surrounded by fried chicken instead of a bun.

Want one?


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