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Quad City kids compete in Quidditch tournament

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Dozens of kids at Riverdale Heights Elementary in Bettendorf spent Friday, January 23, 2014 playing Quidditch.

Quidditch started as a fictional sport, made popular by the Harry Potter books, but fans have created rules to the game that are now played at multiple levels.

"I am a total Harry Potter geek," said Sara Hoskins.

Hoskins was the master of ceremonies, one of many students to play a role in the school's second tournament.

"The game is pretty much a mix of soccer, football and dodge ball," said Hoskins.

"It's played with seven players on each side and the goal is to throw the quaffle through the hoops to get ten points," said Abby Thomson, an Augustana Quidditch player who was helping the students.

All while holding a broom in their hand.

"I don't have a personal broom but my favorite is a fireboat, which is the fastest broom in the world at the moment," said Hoskins.

A game so fun, that kids are now reading getting interested in the books.

"Getting the books and joy of reading to more people whether that be through a sport or anything else is just awesome," said Thomson.

"I like the fact that kids now know what Quidditch is, which encourages them to read the Harry Potter books," said Hoskins.

Last year, the school used the Quidditch tournament as a fundraiser to send the robotics team to California.



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